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Sales Team Assessment

Not seeing results from your current sales team? Numeroh can identify the team members who are coachable and who are not, giving you a clear idea about how to move forward

Sales Team Coaching

Need results but aren't getting what you expect from your team?
Numeroh can create a coaching plan to increase productivity and profitability of your staff

Assessing & Recruiting

Time to fill the ranks but don't want to waste time, energy and money training the wrong person? Numeroh can identify the top performers before they even meet you, ensuring you are employing the right fit

Your company, your brand & your products are all driven forward by the collective of team members in your employ

Your products and your services cannot be seen or heard of if you do not have a functional team to drive the vision forward. if you find yourself wondering why you invested time and energy into a machine that has no output, consider optimising your current staff and up-skilling in order to increase their productivity and their profitability. Numeroh uses a series of psychological tools and resources to identify the top performers and the coachable team members to give you a clearer vision on your teams capabilities

The Psychology of Sales Philosophy

We use a suite of sales psychology tools to identify key areas of improvement in your teams. For our recruitment we can identify the training ability and success of a sales person BEFORE they reach your company

Using a psychology driven assessment, Numeroh can identify the top performers, the lower performers and ultimately who is coachable. We use these tools so that you have a better idea about the mechanics of your team and how to move forward knowing what you know. We can deliver these assessments in a number of ways, either onsite or online and we collate the results for you and explain the outcomes, giving you piece of mind and clarity on your next steps

Numeroh has extensive experience in delivering coaching programs designed to increase the sales capabilities of your team and ultimately increase their output. Using a series of resources and tools, we hone in on the Psychology of Sales and coach your team to understand the why and the how in order to give them a better platform to drive sales and exceed KPI’s. We deliver these sessions both face to face and with online modules in order to efficiently utilise your team member’s time and ensure that they’re retaining the information

Numeroh understands that recruiting a new team member takes time, energy and money to find applicants, weed through the under performers, conduct interviews and hopefully land on the right selection. That’s why Numeroh uses a specific assessment that will weed out the high performers from the low performers, ensuring that the next team member to join your team is hungry for success and ready to exceed expectations. No more time wasting and praying for the right person. Numeroh takes the guess work out and can find you a high performer in the top 25% of high performing sales people. We do the heavy lifting, you reap the benefits. 

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