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How Did We Get Here?

Sales team optimisation can come in many forms, but how reliable are the results? 

What if you could predict the future of a sales consultant before you even employ them and once they’re in your staff, know that they can and will perform above and beyond consistently? Numeroh was born from the need to identify such a person and reduce the time and the cost for employing the wrong person.

Using a series of psychologically geared tools and resources, Numeroh can successfully identify top performers and weed out the low performers, before you even interview. If you already have a sales team, Numeroh can identify who is coachable and who is not and work to create a coaching program in order to increase profitability and productivity within your team.

Join The Revolution!

There are so many variables when it comes to creating a sales team that is not only high performing, but maintains that consistency. Using our industry leading tools and resources, Numeroh can work to understand your consultants and your leaders to create a high performing team.