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Welcome to Numeroh

Numeroh is the expert in sales team optimisation and recruitment. Using the Psychology of Sales and a series of tools and resources, Numeroh can accurately identify high performers and coachable team members & create a high performing team for your company

Our Experts

Geoff Richman

Expert in high level, proactive business to business sales, sales psychology and sales training and talent management.
Geoff has a proven history of successful selling in an overcrowded and challenging marketplace, the ability to forge long-term business relationships and a passion for quality and customer service.

Michael Parker

An expert in sales team leadership and development, Michael has extensive history in leading sales teams to succes, identifying underperformers and converting them into high performers and managing sales and team expectations. Michael is a valued coach and mentor for Numeroh and works with sales teams to increase their productivity and profitablity

brad power

One of Australia’s leading authorities on the Science of Sales Success. Over the past 15 years Bradford has worked with many clients including Toyota, Mirvac, IBM, ME Bank, Volkswagen & Australian Radio Network. Bradford loves working with Business Leaders to create a breakthrough in their Sales People, Systems and Processes¬†

Our Services

Team Assessment

Using a psychology-based assessment, Numeroh can identify top performers, coachable team members and growth opportunities in order to better understand your team

Team Coaching

Numeroh develops and delivers unique coaching materials to team members systematically to improve skills and drive performance mindset across your teams and leaders


Numeroh uses specific resources to identify the top 25% of high performing sales people before conducting interviews so that you know you are getting only the best talent for your team

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